Cloud Based Testing Framework

Automate The Test Process

Nobody likes writing test cases so our automation tools create your tests for you. Run them in the cloud or on any machine you choose. Automate the testing of APIs, Websites, IoT Appliances or anything that connects to the internet.

Cloud Based Reports

See the results of your tests and track the progress of your projects both historically and in real-time. Advanced reports allow you to compare project runs showing new bugs, repaired bugs and existing bugs. Easily document the steps necessary to reproduce bugs using the project run results.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate full-stack system level regression testing with your existing Agile and/or Continuous Integration processes using our advanced API. Complex go/no go decisions based on test oriented metrics like 'regression count' or 'bug count' are easy to implement. Adding Test Case Central projects to existing Jenkins scripts is a simple process.

Automated Website and API Testing

Automatically produce range, boundary, dependency and CRUDL tests using our test plan generators which can automate up to 90% of the tests needed for most APIs. Use existing open source technologies like Selenium and Huxley to help automate the Website testing and CSS validation process.