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What is Test Case Central?

Test Case Central is a small business established in South Florida that specializes in automating the software regression testing process. It does so using the Test Case Central Developer Portal, a cloud based framework that provides a central repository for all things test related. Using the Developer Portal the regression test creation and execution process may be automated and easily integrated with other elements of a continuous integration environment.

What is the Developer Portal?

The Test Case Central Developer Portal is a cloud based framework designed to automate the manual repetitive tasks typically associated with regression testing of web-based sites and services.

Test Case Central integrates with many popular technologies such as Selenium, Appium, Jira, Bugzilla, Rspec, Cucumber and Jenkins, to name a few. Once tests are developed they may be run on-demand, either from the cloud or locally.

We also provides custom test development and integration services. We can come to you and work with your existing team and processes or we can take control of your entire testing process to ensure your systems meet specifications.

What types of products or services can I test with TCC?

You can automate test cases for any web-based product or service, including desktop apps, mobile apps and APIs.

Do I need to be a software developer to use TCC?

No, the Developer Portal is an intuitive product that anyone can use to build automated test cases and run them at the push of a button. Programming experience is not necessary to create negative boundary tests, positive boundary tests, dependency tests, directed graph tests and basic CRUDL type tests.

What languages/environments does TCC Support?

Test Case Central is platform-agnostic. Our solution supports virtually any language and environment your website, mobile app or API is built on. Users get their own 'execute server' which they have admin level access to allowing the installation of anything additional a particular environment might require.

Which browsers are supported?

By default, we support all browsers supported by Selenium. IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera are pre-installed. With additional programming nearly any technology can be supported.

If we do not have formal tests yet can TCC create them for us?

Absolutely. For basic regression tests the Developer Portal may be used to automatically create a set of test plans. If additional coverage is required we can work with you to extend and automate the process.

If you create our tests how much time do you need to learn about our product to create the test cases?

Very little. Most of our technical staff are programmers with experience in Java, Python, C/C++, Javascript, etc. We will start with any documentation you currently have and then if needed schedule a brief session or two with your team for clarification. We can also import JSON based descriptions of your product if you have them.

How long will Test Case Central take to develop the tests?

It depends on the size and complexity of your product or service, and how many test cases are needed. It can take anywhere from one day to a couple of months.

As we add new functionality to our product will TCC allow us to continue adding new test cases?

Yes, the Developer Portal is designed to be entirely self-service and the automation tools were implemented with incremental design in mind using a variety of unique extensibility concepts we have developed over the years.

Obviously we can't guarantee the automation we have built into our software products will be able to adapt to any new requirement you may come up with, however, in many cases over 80% of the test generation process may be automated.

Can you integrate with our bug-tracking software?

Absolutely, however, this is often accomplished by someone manually downloading a project's run result CSV and then importing it into the bug-tracking system. The automation of this process is accomplished using our API and will require some setup on your part, depending on the system being integrated with.

Where are my test cases stored and how can I run them?

Typically your tests are created, stored and run from the cloud where the reporting system may see them and report on them and your QA team may share them. Your tests may also be downloaded and run locally using the free local project executor available for Windows, OSX and LINUX.

Who gets notified when our automated test scripts find bugs?

When you start your project you specifiy whether or not you want to be notified on project completion and how. Currently supported options include email, SMS or http post.

Can TCC find broken links or spelling mistakes on my site?

Yes, it allows you to submit a URL (and other directives) to find these bugs.

What about pricing?

Please reach out to us so we can discuss your specific needs and how we can work together.