Test Case Development


While Test Case Central is a self service framework, certain customers find it convenient to have our team help with the process. We can work with you to align your User Stories with custom test suites to ensure your products meet requirements and the tests are automated.

API Testing

software-development-in-moradabadWe can also verify your APIs and micro services meet specifications and are able to handle varying loads. We understand the intricacies of multi modal testing and perform ‘User Story’ level testing which integrates your API with your website (and/or other devices) to verify you are testing your user experience and not just unit level functionality.

Mobile Testing

mobile-testingOur mobile testing experts leverage technologies like Appium to verify your mobile apps work as advertised across multiple devices using different releases. We also manually review all test results to catch any issues before you release.

Multi-Point Testing

mutli-testingComplete system level regression tests must often take into consideration multiple points of failure. For example, does a change made on a mobile device show on the website. Do changes made through the API surface correctly at other end points in the system. We help you develop tests to test this level of functionality and then we automate them so they run in minimal time at the push of a button.